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*Insert Creative Title*

Xochi Hopwood, Staff Writer

  Since this article is about creativity, this should be a creative opening right? However, I have been racking my brain just to come up with one creative idea for t...  Read More »

Nov 21

Taking Field Trips to Success

Rachel King, Staff Writer

It is 6:00 in the morning Laura, a highschool student, wakes up exhausted from doing homework for hours into the night. All she wants is a day off, but everyday is the sa...  Read More »

Nov 21

Fall Fun

Ariana Bucelli and Sarah Margerison

Fall 2016 is really picking up now in the town of Wakefield. During fall, many people believe that they are limited to many activities because of the weather. That is not the...  Read More »

Nov 21

Surviving the Start of School

Kaylee Souza and Xochi Hopwood

At some point in the year, everyone is faced with the pressures and difficulties of school, especially at the start of it. Finding a system that works for you is important...  Read More »

Nov 21

Best For Last: David Ortiz’s Legendary Retirement Tour Season

November 21, 2016

The “retirement tour” has become a staple in sports. It is a season or year, long celebration of a player who has revolutionized a sport, or a position...  Read More »

Freshman Year: A Guide

June 17, 2016

Eighth grade is almost over. You have “graduated” from the middle school and you are moving on to the high school. You’re feeling on top of the ...  Read More »

The Hall of the Fallen: A Review of Valhalla by Ari Bach

June 17, 2016

Valhalla by Ari Bach is filled to the brim with ultraviolence, incredible technology, and three-dimensional characters. The 300-page novel, first in a ...  Read More »

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