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Jill LeBlanc, Contributor
January 19, 2012
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Every day, students make their way down the history hallway, at some point, for classes. There is always one teacher in particular, that makes an effort to try and get to know each student he has, and help them with whatever they need– this teachers name is Mr. Liberti. Everyone knows of Mr. Liberti as the teacher who’s always there when you need help with anything having to do with school, he’s always there with a helping hand for anyone who needs it. Since everyone has grown to love Mr. Liberti as a person and teacher, I decided to interview the History department head himself, and get the full story on him and his teaching background.


Q: Where did you grow up?

A: “Saugus, MA”


Q: What made you want to be a teacher?

A: “Many tremendous teachers have inspired me over the years. My freshman and senior English teacher Mrs. Yaijgan was the most influential. She made learning fun and more importantly was always there for her students. She is the epitome of what a teacher should strive to be.”


Q: What college did you attend?

A: “Salem State College”


Q: Did you like it there?

A: “I did enjoy my time there. My teachers, specifically in the history department were tremendous. I also met many of my closest friends there including Mr. Rozzi. I was also fortunate to do much of my traveling through courses I had taken at Salem.”


Q: How did you end up at WHS?

A: “In February of 2003 I was told about a position that had opened at Wakefield High by a co-worker of mine at Stop and Shop who also subbed at the High School. A teacher had taken a leave of absence just before February vacation and the school could only cover three of his five classes and needed to hire someone to pick up the remaining two. I applied and was hired to finish out the year. After it was announced that the teacher was not returning I applied and interviewed for the full time job and was hired in July. It is amazing how things work out. If I had not worked at Stop and Shop I may not have heard about the position and probably would not have ended up at Wakefield High. Sometimes it is all about being in the right place at the right time.”


Q: How long have you been teaching here?

A: “I am in my 9th year”


Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching?

A: “My favorite part about teaching is working with kids. They truly make each and everyday fun and exciting. As a teacher there is no greater joy than seeing your students attain the goals they have set for themselves and knowing that you had some part in that.”


Q: How did you become head of the History department?

A: “Two years ago Mr. Metropolis, the former history department coordinator, left Wakefield to become the Vice Principal at Sandwich High School in Sandwich, Ma. I applied over the summer and was appointed just before school started. It was definitely a big learning curve but luckily I have tremendous colleagues who are extremely supportive and helped me transition into the position. Also Mr. Metropolis was always an email or phone call away.”


Q: Is “The Holocaust and International Affairs” your favorite class ever this year?

A: “I truly enjoy all the classes that I teach. However I do have a passion for teaching the Holocaust because it allows students to see how powerful and destructive hate can be. I believe the lessons from this horrific event transcend time and are as applicable today as they will be many years down the road.”


Q: Is there any other job you ever wanted to try after teaching?

A: “Although it is still in the field of education I would like to transition into administration. I really cannot see myself working in any other field or at least be happy in any other area.”

I also had asked Mr. Liberti a tenth question—I asked him if he wanted to add anything that the students don’t know about him. He responded to me in person, saying that he thinks the students all know him well enough, and he doesn’t have any big things we don’t know about him. I thought this showed what a good bond Mr. Liberti has created with students over the years. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re all happy to have Mr. Liberti as a teacher, helping hand, and mentor at WHS.


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