Mr. Drinkwater: From Melrosian to Wakefield Warrior

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Laura Caton, Staff Reporter
January 19, 2012
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For those of you who are fans of Jimmy Neutron’s haircut, you may want to get to know Mr. Drinkwater. Underneath his cartoon-inspired hairstyle, this English teacher and self-professed hippy possesses musical talent, a genuine love of literature, and a slew of movie trivia factoids. As he said himself, “I only feel comfortable when I’m ridiculous.”
Mr. Drinkwater grew up in enemy territory, in neighboring Melrose. As a child, he was creative and very involved in music. Throughout high school he played percussion in the orchestra and jazz band and almost pursued music in college. Growing up, he considered other careers before deciding on teaching. It wasn’t until his junior year of high school when he met Mr. Trubisz that he thought of pursuing education. “He was just awesome,” Drinkwater mused. “He was an old hippy.”
At Emmanuel College, “one of the colleges of the Fenway,” Mr. Drinkwater studied to be an English teacher. One of his favorite courses was “Madness, Monsters, and Meyham,” a study of classic gothic literature through modern horror. When asked how he “came to WHS,” Mr. Drinkwater replied, “by car.” The real story starts in 2009, when he observed Mr. Brennan, his current neighbor in the English department. When it came time to pick a school for his student teaching, Mr. Drinkwater returned to WHS. He earned his current position after Mrs. Metropolis went on maternity leave.
Outside of the classroom, Mr. Drinkwater still finds himself surrounded by books. His students may not be surprised to find that his favorite is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. He’s also a huge fan of comics, though he is quick to add that he’s “not one of those people who say they like comics because they’ve read a comic.” Completing the trifecta is Mr. Drinkwater’s love of movies. “I’m too much into movies,” he said. Star Wars is his ultimate favorite, but do not get him started on Han Solo.
Even Mr. Drinkwater’s creative writing students may not know that he has written a novella. He took a semester off from college to tour at various comic conventions. Despite this exciting feat, his humble nature prevents him from bringing it up to students. His advice for them and a rule he tries to live by is that “the day you become complacent is the day you don’t create something worthwhile.”  Mr. Drinkwater plans to keep working and learning everyday.


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