Diving Into the Disgusting Behaviors of WHS Students

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Chloe Harrison, Contributor
February 3, 2012
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School morale and the condition of the building are at an all-time low. Have we done this to ourselves?

There are some bathrooms that no one goes in to because they gag every time they enter. The smell of cigarette smoke assaults unsuspecting students when they enter bathrooms, especially in the math and English halls. The air is rank and revolting with the stale smoke, but the perfume used in the girl’s bathroom worsens the smell. The suffocation caused by the perfume is nauseating. Smoking on school property is disrespectful to other students and staff members, so wait until the end of the day if you must. Guys aren’t off the hook either; they display gross behavior in the bathrooms as well. The urinals are not trash cans, and no one wants to see gum in them. Also, use a tissue, it’s really disgusting seeing snot wiped on the walls. Clean up the behavior in the bathroom and maybe the custodians could actually keep them clean.

The cafeteria is a place where things should be nice and neat, but our cafe is not. The desks in classes do not have that much gum underneath them, but the cafe tables are sticky messes. The forks and knives are in a container, yet they somehow always end up all over the table or on the floor. The ketchup and salad dressing is not for mixing strange concoctions and daring your buddy to drink. We waste far too many condiments. Also, when you drop food, pick it up. Don’t just leave it on the ground for someone to step on. We don’t seem to have much of a problem with large scale food fights, but there are still “side battles” with certain tables throwing food around. The lunch ladies are nice people; do we really have to make their jobs harder because we act like animals?

We got new computers this year but you would hardly know that they are new. Mr. Callanan’s computer lab is always a mess, with papers and bottles mixed in with the wires. We should be proud that this school recycles, yet there are still students who can’t help the recycling club by using the recycling bins. Taking keys off of keyboards in the computer labs may seem like a joke,however,you are left with computer labs that are broken and unusable. Is it necessary to punch a window? Is it a good idea to hurt those who are here to help? No. If you do, you will end up with a school that is similar to the how WHS is turning out to be. One that does not get new things because no one takes care of them. We must stop this unfortunate problem arising in our school.




2 Responses to “Diving Into the Disgusting Behaviors of WHS Students”

  1. Kristen on February 11th, 2012 7:32 pm

    Such great points, Chole. I feel like a lot of the students could really learn from this.


  2. Ms. Farrell on March 16th, 2012 5:12 pm

    Right on, Chloe! Solid job with this article. Nice phrase: “Guys aren’t off the hook either.” Your hook is better than your clincher, however. Last line is a bit vague. See what I mean? I think what you want to say is “Shape up! Clean up!” or something like that. “Unfortunate problem” doesn’t quite pack the punch you need to match the tone of the rest of your article. Lots of great word choices here, too: rank, revolting, suffocating, etc. I know it’s an editorial, but could you have done an interview or two? You give a few good shout-outs to the lunch ladies and custodians (and even Mr. Callanan). But it might have been neat to include a sound bite from a lunch lady or a custodian. Yes? Or even interview a gross student who thinks it’s just fine to do all these disgusting things? Just food for thought, sweetie. You did an awesome job with this topic. Your article is well written, interesting, and kept me reading to the end. Bravo! ~ Ms. Farrell


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