Parking Still Plagues WHS Drivers

Laura Caton, Staff Writer

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Whether they are seniors parking in their own lot or juniors fending for themselves on the streets, WHS students often complain about school parking.

In November 2001, students were feeling the same way. In that month’s edition of the WHS Spin, one of the editors wrote about the deplorable lack of parking for juniors, licensed underclassmen, and even seniors. She mentions some possible actions that were being considered at the time, but notes that the administration was not doing anything for immediate relief. With this opinion piece, the editor was writing to an audience of other student drivers who were unhappy with the stress of arriving early to get a descent parking spot. The article was a way for her to try and get the administration’s attention and let them know how students felt.

Though fairly well-written, this 2001 article is not perfect. In many ways it sounds simply like one student grumbling about parking and speaking of rumored action. A few student interviews or even a quote from an administrator would have made it a stronger, more effective piece. The actions listed may have been seriously considered, but they could also have come from other students simply throwing out ideas. With more concrete information and one more proof-read, the article could have been much more impressive.

Today’s WHS Express Online would have required a stronger article from this editor in 2001. Interviews and quotations are strongly encouraged and even opinion articles must have some solid facts included in them. The idea and target audience of the piece would still be relevant today, however. Parking continues to plague WHS students and according to the student from 2001, the same problems continue to arise. The senior lot is still not large enough to accommodate all the eligible students. Juniors are still forced to park all the way up the hill to the Voke. Most of all, students still arrive at seven o’clock just to get a good spot. With some polishing and additional research, the 2001 article would have fit in well with the WHS Express pieces of today.

Do you, our readers, agree? Is WHS Express Online keeping its journalistic standards high? Let us know! Leave your comments, criticisms, and even compliments! Feel free to share your own thoughts about WHS  parking as well.

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Parking Still Plagues WHS Drivers