No Faults In A Starred Book

Lisa Danca, Staff Reporter
May 7, 2012  

The Fault In Our Stars is a deep and moving book told through the perspective of a sixteen-year-old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. Hazel lives her life with one foot in the grave because she has thyroid cancer. Ever since being diagnosed with the terminal disease at age thirteen, Hazel’s... Read More

It’s Just The Beginning

Lisa Danca, staff reporter
May 3, 2012  

At every orientation, Mr. O’Leary  tells  the incoming freshman class that the four years they spend in high school will go by fast. As I reminiscence on my four years at WHS, I cannot help but agree with Mr. O’Leary. During freshman year, I never thought, or liked thinking about graduating... Read More

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WHS Band: Hitting High Notes

Lisa Danca, Staff Reporter
April 25, 2012  

  In November 2005, Chris Fanikos wrote an article titled, ‘Losing Volume in the WHS Band’. In his article, Fanikos, a then freshman, wrote about the disappointing decline in the number of students participating in our school’s Music department. Fanikos stated, “The (WHS) Music... Read More


We Go Together!

Lisa Danca, Staff Reporter
March 26, 2012  

Every spring, all the talk amongst the senior class is Senior Show. This year Grease was the word. Besides being a staff reporter for Wakefield Express Online, I am also the Secretary of the Wakefield High School Drama Club. As one of the officers of the club, my responsibility consists of ... Read More


Return to Classics

Chloe Harrison, Staff Reporter
February 28, 2012  

The Artist is an Oscar winning black-and-white silent movie that is reminiscent of  Old Hollywood. It depicts the switch from silent movies to talking pictures. The Artist hit cinemas last year to praised reviews.  The Artist was the first silent film to win Best Picture since 1929.The last... Read More

Art Club: A Place For Artists and Non-Artists Alike!

Lisa Danca
February 20, 2012  

Are you looking for something to do to make this long, dull winter go by? The Art Club, advised by Ms. Schilling, is a fun club that meets once week and accepts all students regardless of their artistic abilities. “I started the Art Club with former art teacher, Charlene Peterson, in the... Read More