2016-2017 Staff

Pat Tannian

Staff Writer

A Junior at WHS, part of the football team. Favorite TV Show: Lost Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption Favorite Sport: Football...

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Tom Butt

Contributing Writer

Tom Butt is a writer for the Wakefield Express. He is a junior student at Wakefield Memorial High School. He has interests in writing, watching sports, watching movies and T.V shows, and exercising. He is a passionate and aspiring...

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Hailey Bishop

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Hailey Bishop, and I go to school at Wakefield Memorial High School. I am in love with writing! It’s always been my favorite subject. I soon realized this year that I could turn my creative writing into a career. My dream...

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Ariana Buccelli

Staff Writer

Favorite show: Teen Wolf Favorite color: Green Ariana Buccelli is a freshman at Wakefield Memorial High School. She choose to take journalism because she enjoys writing about topics that interest her. During her free tim...

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Emma Lambiaso

Staff Writer

Favorite Food: Chinese Food Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Ice Cream: Heath Bar Favorite TV Show: Big Brother Emma Lambiaso is a Freshman at WHS who loves to read and write. She likes to play soccer, and has been playin...

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Rachel King

Staff Writer

Favorite food: baked potatoes Favorite color: green Favorite ice cream: chocolate Rachel King is a sophomore at Wakefield High School. She is on the field hockey team. Rachel’s favorite subject is English because she enjoy...

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Xochi Hopwood

Staff Writer

Xochi Hopwood is a freshman at Wakefield Memorial High School and is currently very new to the town itself. She plays volleyball on the freshman team as a Wakefield Warrior! Her favorite color is grey. Her favorite ice cream i...

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Ali Calnan

Staff Writer

Favorite food: Some kind of pasta with a red sauce Favorite color: Blue Favorite ice cream flavor: Moose tracks Favorite TV show: NCIS Ali Calnan is a sophomore at WHS. She does not play a sport, but is a member of multiple clubs. She...

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Dante Bucci

Staff Writer

Favorite food: Domino's Pizza Favorite Drink: Water Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla His favorite class is English because of his love of writing and telling stories. He is an only child. ...

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Will Shea

Staff Writer

Will Shea is currently a senior at Wakefield Memorial High School. His favorite food is chicken parm and his favorite color is red.  Will is an avid sports fan following the New York Giants, New York Mets and the Notre Dame Fi...

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Sarah Margerison

Staff Writer

Favorite Color: Green Favorite Ice Cream: Cotton Candy Favorite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries Sarah Margerison is a freshman at Wakefield High School. She is apart of the WHS Dance Team and has been dancing at a stu...

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Zachary Murphy

Staff Writer

Favorite Color - Red Favorite Drink - Dr. Pepper Favorite Movie - Scarface Favorite Food - Top Sirloin Favorite T.V. Show - Breaking Bad Favorite Song - Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots Favorite C...

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Joe Bernabeo

Staff Writer

Joe Bernabeo takes journalism as his elective. He does not like reading at all but took journalism to improve his writing skills. He also thought that a sports journalist as a career that he may want to pursue. He is currently...

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Kaylee Souza

Staff Writer

Kaylee Souza is a freshman at Wakefield Memorial High School. She has been a  cheerleader for five years and it now a WHS Varsity Cheerleader. Kaylee chose to take Journalism because she wanted to improve her writing. She tho...

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Ben Thompson

Staff Writer

Ben Thompson Age: 17 years old Favorite Band: The Beach Boys Favorite twitter personality: Chad Ochocinco Ben Thompson is the undisputed Mario Kart runner up, he is second to one. He is an avid cinema watcher. His ...

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Amanda Lee

Staff Writer

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan Favorite Actor/Actress: Jennifer Aniston Favorite Ice Cream: Moosetracks Favorite Book Series: The Virtual War Chronologs Amanda Lee is a Wakefield High School sophomore, a fifth grade Faith Fo...

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Vanessa Gebhard

Staff Writer

Vanessa Gebhard is a freshman at WHS who has taken journalism simply because she loves to write, so she was guaranteed to enjoy the class! Vanessa’s favorite food is chicken, her favorite color is pink (of course), her favori...

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Hana Dixon

Staff Writer

Hana Dixon is a freshman at Wakefield Memorial High School. She spends most of her free time dancing and hanging out with her friends. She is on the Wakefield High School dance team and a part of the Dance Studio of Wakefield c...

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Cailyn Davies

Staff Writer

Favorite Food: Annie’s Cheddar Shells Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Ice Cream: Orange Sherbet Favorite TV Show:The Big Bang Cailyn Davies is a freshman at Wakefield Memorial High School. She decided to take Journalism...

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