Horrors Abound in WHS-Costuming

morph suit

K.C. Skeldon
November 6, 2012

As Halloween approaches, ideas for costumes become precious morsels of thought. But forget superheroes and zombies: Why not show WHS pride in your get-up? Be a marching band trophy! As well as our football team is doing this year (something I myself didn’t realize until last week…yay! Sports!), we’re... Read more »

School Elections: Do They Matter?


Adam D'Ambrosio, Reporter
October 9, 2012

Elections, do you vote for the change you are seeking? Or vote for the candidate that you prefer? Do you even consider the options present? This leads into a problem that society is facing, some people are starting to vote based on what party a candidate is from. But I’m here to talk about something... Read more »

Kenney, ’12, won’t back down


October 5, 2012

Evan Kenney, graduate of WHS class of ’12, one of the youngest delegates in the Republican National Convention sparked controversy when he was at the center of a battle within the party. Kenney has most recently been described as “the future of the Republican party in Massachusetts who just got screwed... Read more »

Homecoming 2012


Shannon Fairweather
October 4, 2012

Homecoming is always an exciting time of year for high school students, a time to celebrate the autumn season with football, friends and fun. This year Wakefield High School is doing something special to make things even more exciting than the past years’ Homecoming games. This year the school... Read more »

Photography: For Beginners


Ryan Kostopoulos, Photographer
September 26, 2012

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Kostopoulos and I am the Photographer for the Wakefield High Express!  I love Photography, and everything about it.  I plan on going to college for photography and graphic and web design.  If you are interested in getting into photography this article is for YOU! Photography... Read more »

Senior Year: The Madness Within


KC Skeldon, Reporter, Editor
September 26, 2012

Fall can seem overwhelming, what with the return of classes and the challenge of balancing extracurriculars.  Senior fall, however, has an entirely special insanity. With the various stages of high school come certain stereotypes. Are freshmen clueless? Yep. Are juniors neurotic? You betcha. (Do sophomores... Read more »