Dear Kelly: Out and About

Dear Kelly,

I recently came out to my (fairly liberal) family and it went mostly fine, but now my mom is treating me differently. She constantly asks me about all things LGBT-related. She tiptoes around me constantly, and her conversations are always weirdly friendly and awkward. It’s making me really uncomfortable. She acts bizarre when my boyfriend and I go out on dates. I feel like she looks at me differently now. How can I get her to stop treating me like I’m not the same person I was before I came out?


Out and About


Dear Out and About,

Coming out is a really tough thing to do, so congratulations on taking that big step, especially so young! Even if your family was accepting of people in the LGBT community before you came out, it still takes courage to say it.

I think you need to talk to your mom about this, though. She may not realize how much she’s hurting you by doing acting so aloof. Your mom may be trying to understand you more by relating to this “new” part of you, and her way of doing that is asking too many questions.

I wish you luck, no matter what you do!