Dear Kelly: Overwhelmed Freshman

Dear Kelly,

I’m feeling very overwhelmed with all the school work i’ve been assigned recently. It seems as though the teachers are just trying to pile up all the work and I don’t know if I can handle it. With all the homework, exams and projects i’m seriously considering dropping out. I’m only a freshman and I can’t deal with another three years of this.

Overwhelmed Freshman


Dear Overwhelmed Freshman,

Focus on getting through this year should be your number one goal right now. Also, make sure next year you take easier classes that you feel will be less overwhelming for you. If you have any serious issues with grades this year try talking to your teachers and tell them about how the workload maybe too much. Also, try talking to your guidance counselor to look for advice about how to manage all the work. In regards to dropping out, I highly recommend you to not drop out as you will regret it in the future. At least manage to graduate high school which will open up more options for jobs then dropping out would. Stay in there and remain focused on your work. It will get better.