Opinion: Police Brutality

Annabel Greco

We see it on the news almost everyday. The concern about police brutality has risen more and more over the past few months in America. According to Global Research, in the past decade the number of people killed by police has reached 5,000. Over the past few months more of these cases are being brought to the light. “It was self-defense”, “He was just doing his job”. Even when it’s caught on tape it’s the police officer who is the victim. The big question is, are the ones sworn to protect us, abusing their power? Or are they just doing their job?

About 500 people are killed each year by police officers. In 2012, 313 of those killed were African-American. Studies show that police are more likely to pull over and frisk black people. On top of that, police shoot and kill African Americans almost twice as often than any other racial group. These are staggering statistic considering African-Americans only account for 13% of our population.

Both police and citizens must take certain precautions to prevent this issue. The use of cameras by citizens and police is a good way to alleviate the situation. The cameras will offer accountability to police officers and will also document the incident correctly. Voting out politicians who condone police brutality is also a good place to start as well.

The sad truth is racism is still a huge problem in our society. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget about it or don’t believe it still exists. The reason the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson haven’t gone away is because people of color continue to face racism every day. Change must happen for a better future.