Dear Kelly: Worried

Dear Kelly,

       My best friend has been playing a different sport than I have, and has found a new friend group. Everytime I try to see if he wants to hang out he says that he is already doing something with the team. I feel like he has been excluding me out when they get together. What should I do?

Sincerely, Worried


Dear Worried,

       First of all, it is very common for a one of your friends who is playing a different sport to spend time with that specific friend group, and those people only so don’t feel like he doesn’t like you if he doesn’t invite you to hang out with his sports friends. One good idea could be to asks him in advance what he is doing on the weekend instead of the day of so you guys can plan your schedules around what you guys are doing with your respective teams. Also, after school it if very hard to have an entire team hang out on a weekday because you have school the next morning so it could be a good idea to plan a chill one on one on the weekdays with your buddy. The most important part of all of it is to stay positive, and remember that this person is your best friend.