Salt : 95% Fantastic

Maggie Gourville

The 2010 action packed spy movie Salt is one to keep you guessing. It’s unpredictable and complex plot kept me on my toes and did not make me regret spending my dollar at Redbox.

Released in the summer of 2010 by director Phillip Noyce (director of Revenge), Salt is about a secret group of Russian spies whose mission is to restore Russian dominance. The main character, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is a CIA agent who was raised as a Russian spy. However, she does not remember this until one of the leaders, Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) comes to the CIA and tells her about her past. Salt is told that she is suppose to kill the Russian president at the funeral of the United States’ Vice President. After hearing the news, Salt goes on the run to escape the CIA and to look for her beloved and missing husband Michael Krause (August Diehl). During this escape Salt leads you down many paths that make you question her loyalties. These twists in plot are what had me hooked on this movie, until the end. Salt is a fantastic movie for ninety-four minutes, unfortunately the movie is ninety-nine minutes. The last five minutes of the film do not live up the action packed standards of the movie. Salt ends abruptly and needing twenty more minutes to wrap up loose ends. Looks like I said fantastic a few minutes too soon.

The main character of Salt, Evelyn Salt, is played by multi-award winner Angelina Jolie. Before starring in Salt, Angelia Jolie appeared in many movies including Girl, Interrupted (1999) and Changling (2008). For her appearance in Girl, Interrupted Jolie won six awards including an Oscar and Golden Globe Award. Jolie continued this winning streak with her performance in Salt for which she won the Rembrandt Award. In total, Angelia Jolie as won twenty-eight awards and has been nominated sixty-one times. With such an impressive actress on the cast it is no wonder that Salt was such a hit. For the movie as a whole Salt won a Saturn Award and was nominated for an Oscar. Although the last five minutes of Salt might not go along with the rest of the film, the other ninety-four minutes make up for it with their fast paced and action filled plot.