10 Minute Plays: This Weekend


Sumbal Shahzadi

Do you know what is going on November 16th and November 17th?

November 16 and 17 are the days when the WHS theater arts are putting on their first production, An Evening of the Ten Minute Plays. I got the chance to interview a student director, Ethan Barkalow and an actress, Abbey Dicredico. Both Ethan and Abbey are very excited for the entire production as well as their own 10 minute production.

Ethan Barkalow is a director of After Hours Stan. His play is about a graduate student who decides to commit suicide. She gets interrupted by a janitor who comes to clean her office. The graduate student is played by Colleen Looby and the janitor is played by Nathan Prosperi. (check information) Ethan hopes that this particular play will make the audience think about depression a little more and understand the emotions of people that interact with depressed people. He told me that the actors of this play put a lot of time and effort into this play, so he hopes that the play will be good.  There are specific set items that this play needs. There is a window frame and a desk in the office of the graduate student. According to Ethan, the most rewarding and challenging aspect of doing the plays were to create a realistic relation between the two characters.

Abbey Dicredico is an actress in Carly Buckley’s play. The play that Carly is directing is called Strangers on A Playground. The play is about two strangers who are sitting on a park bench watching their kids play and they are talking about parenthood. There are two actors in this play, and both are parents. One person is Abbey Dicredico and another person is Mike Calamonici. Abbey hopes that people will find this play funny and enjoyable. She also hopes that people, especially parents, will be able to relate to this play. The only real specific set item needed is a park bench. Abbey said that she thinks that the most rewarding part was that she understands and appreciates all her “parents do for” her.

The idea of doing ten minute plays was Mr. Gosselin’s. “The Ten Minutes plays are an opportunity that every actor and technician should take part in once in their career,” he said. He also believes that the WHS theater arts should acknowledge the playwrights in the Boston area. The play is under 2 hours and takes place on November 16th and November 17th. The play starts at 7:30 pm and is in the WHS Theater. Tickets will be sold at the door $8 for students and $10 for adults.