Oscar Fashion Review


Melanie Orcutt, Writer

With the Oscars there comes the fashion. From beautiful gowns to exquisite suits. Who will be labeled best dressed and who will be labeled worst?

Top 5 Dresses:

1.) Lupita Nyong’o – Lupita is a new up and coming actress who recently starred in the movie “12 Years a Slave”. She has been referred to as a “fashion darling” after her beautiful choices of dresses in this years award season. This Prada light blue dress was stunning and gave her a youthful but classy look.

2.) Naomi Watts- Naomi was another woman who looked classier than ever in her gorgeous white sequin dress by Calvin Klein. The simplicity of the dress paired with her stunning jewelry looked flawless on the red carpet.



3.) Kate Hudson- Kate wore a stunning white “frock fit” dress with a beautiful back. The shape was perfect and she looked amazing. She brought classy to a whole other level bringing all the eyes on her.


4.) Sandra Bullock- The structure of Sandra’s dress was what really stole the show. The cut was very flattering and the unique midnight blue color captured everyone’s attention. This dress was made for Sandra and her mature but bubbly personality.



5.) Cate Blanchett- Cate really captured Hollywood glamour in her Giorgio Armani nude gown. This color was a trend this season and Cate was on top for the best dressed in this popular shade. The detail was exquisite without being too distracting and she could not have worn it better.



Top 5 Worst Dressed:

1.) Liza Minnelli – This bright blue tunic and matching pants was wrong in so many ways. Between the awful fit, bright color, and matching blue highlights there was nothing good about Liza’s casual look.

2.) Lady GaGa – She is always known to extravagant things but not this time. GaGa chose to pick a serious strapless gown that left viewers bored and unimpressed. The scarf did not help. Fans were looking the other way rather than running to see GaGa’s wild choice.

3.) Anne Hathaway- Anne always looks so sweet and put together but this dress seemed to take away from Hathaway’s natural beauty. The bedazzled armor looking detail did not seem to quite work.


4.) Sally Hawkins – She is another fan favorite but this number was a little too conservative with too much going on. All the lace and detail took away from Sally and made people feeling distracted by her gown but not in a good way.


5.) Glenn Close – Glenn was not very impressive in her all black gown. The fit did not work for her and was not too flattering. Fans were left wanting more.

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