Rapper Andre 3000 to star as Jimi Hendrix in New Biopic

Rapper Andre 3000 to star as Jimi Hendrix in New Biopic

Nick Glennon

Outkast rapper Andre 3000 is set to star as rock legend Jimi Hendrix in the new dramatic biography film “Jimi: All Is by My Side”.

However, is he qualified to play such a role?

Andre’s musical talent cannot be debated – the guy is considered one of the most innovative and unique hip hop artists of all time and he has won six Grammys including the award for Album of the Year in 2003. He has a legitimate musical background that cannot be questioned. However, his acting ability is something that can be and will be questioned. He’s been appearing in movies since 2003 with his most notable role being Coffee Black in the Will Ferrell film Semi-Pro. However, he has never truly taken on a major star role in a movie. It’s very risky to put somebody who’s never been a movie star before into such a large role. Especially somebody with such limited acting experience. It’s definitely a monumental experiment.

Another controversial aspect of choosing Andre 3000 is that he is a rapper. Like I said previously, Andre 3000 is practically a legend in the hip-hop world. However, many rock fans and longtime Hendrix enthusiasts do not believe a rap artist should portray Hendrix in the film. As you already know, rock fans and hip-hop fans tend to vastly disagree when it comes to musical philosophy. Would Jimi Hendrix have approved of this if he were alive? Many rock enthusiasts believe that if Jimi were alive he wouldn’t be a big fan of rap music. Perhaps it would be more fitting to have a  regular actor with less of a musical background but more acting experience.

Also, the film will not feature any original music by Hendrix. Writer and director John Ridley, who also wrote “12 Years a Slave”, was unable to secure the rights to play Hendrix’s music in the film. Therefore, the film will rely heavily on dialogue between Andre and other characters. This is another thing that rock fans take an issue to. How can you make a Jimi Hendrix film without any music by the man himself? It seems like blasphemy. However, this can be blamed on Hendrix’s estate for now allowing Ridley the rights to the music. All in all, it’s just an inconvenience and shame.

“All Is by My Side” is guaranteed to be a must watch for any longtime Hendrix buff. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a real biography about the famed rock stars. Also, younger fans can get the chance to learn more about the legend and personal life of Jimi Hendrix. Andre 3000 has a big role to fill and whether or not he can skillfully portray Hendrix remains to be seen. However, it is certain that the fans are eager to see the results of the somewhat experimental film. “Jimi: All Is by My Side” will definitely be a film to anticipate. Hopefully a great film for Andre’s sake.