31 Seasons in, Survivor Still Getting Great Reviews


Tyler Whipple, Staff Writer


After a roaring two episodes, CBS’ Survivor is still obtaining stellar rankings. Their 31st installment, “Survivor: Second Chance,” taking place in Cambodia, has garnered many views from both old fans and new. This season gives former players who came up just short in their previous season another shot to take home the One million dollar grand prize.

Just two episodes in, season 31 has sparked some major interest. Fans from all seasons will be able to fall in love with this particular installment because of the players that involved. Contestants from seasons 1-30  have been voted in by the fans to be given a shot at redemption. Because of Survivor doing this, it allowed for the producers to see what the fans wanted and then give them that product.

Starting with season 1, Survivor’s popularity was increasing exponentially. The producers were doing the correct things to make sure that people were engaged. But then, After an extremely loved season 20, Survivor started trending downwards. The show lost it’s Thursday time slot and had to be moved to Wednesday where other  popular shows were being broadcasted. Many contestants on the show had either bland or annoying personalities which did not allow the viewer to be engaged.

Over the past couple seasons, though, Survivor has taken a turn for the better. Recent seasons have seen a spark and drama to capture viewers once again. Now, season 31 has put it all together, taking players from only the top seasons and putting them into one entertaining season that is reminding viewers why Survivor is one of the greatest reality shows in history.