(Almost) Everyone Dies: The Finale of the Hunger Games

Rebecca Hunt, Staff Writer


On Thursday night, an era ended; the final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 2, was released. The finale of the series was an emotional one for many, though it was not without its faults. Spoilers may follow, but I’ll try to limit them as much as I can.

Despite Hollywood’s not-so-stellar history of book-to-movie adaptations, with movies like Eragon and the Percy Jackson series, The Hunger Games movies were nearly identical to the details of the books. Fans, including myself, expected nothing less of this final installment.

Since it was the end and The Hunger Games have been a part of my life for nearly five years, I went to see it as always, expecting a faithful adaptation of the second half of the final novel. Though it was entertaining and engaging (a friend of mine has never read the books and thoroughly enjoyed the movie), it was changed quite a bit from the original.

Without going into details, the order of some parts was changed and a lot of character development was taken out. As anyone who has read the books knows, Johanna Mason and Katniss become friends throughout the book. Johanna is a minor character in the movie, which is shocking and saddening for Johanna fans such as myself. Peeta’s character development also didn’t play out as well as it could have.

Though there were negatives to the movie, a lot of the lines felt great to hear personified. Katniss’ feelings toward Gale by the end of the book can be summed up in two words: “Goodbye, Gale.” In addition, President Snow’s death scene is played out exactly as I pictured it.

There were certainly many details about the movie that I didn’t enjoy, but I generally pick out the tiny things that wouldn’t really bother anyone else. It was, overall, an enjoyable experience which I will remember as the end of an important part of my life.