The Last of Us: You’ll Never See the Last of Your Tears (Review)

Rebecca Hunt, Staff Writer


The zombie formula has definitely been overdone in recent years. For whatever reason, media including the undead creatures has been incredibly popular recently. So for one game to stand up above the rest, it has to be special — think The Walking Dead Game.

The Last of Us is a survival horror third-person shooter with a story told by Joel, a middle-aged man who is living in Boston after the zombie apocalypse. It was made by Naughty Dog Games, of Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted fame.

The game starts with an emotional, intense 20 minutes of character development. You play Joel’s daughter, Sarah, as she tries to figure out just what is going on. She, Joel, and Joel’s brother, Tommy, all manage to escape their small town and are heading toward the highway when things get worse than they already are. Zombies are attacking cars on the packed highway, and they decide it’s too risky.

Running back into town leads to a horrific car crash and intense run through the streets, this time as Joel, who is carrying an injured Sarah in his arms.

The prologue ends with Sarah being shot by a soldier who thinks she may be dangerous before fast forwarding several decades into the future.

Joel must now help a young girl named Ellie (who is quite a bit like his dead daughter) travel across the country to reach a group called the Fireflies, who are working to find a cure. She was bitten by one of the zombies weeks ago but is mysteriously immune. Along the way, they have to fight against zombies, but the real risk is the people.

This game uses the typical zombie apocalypse scenario to tell a story that is more about the humans inhabiting the world than the world itself (though the world is expertly crafted). Players grow to truly care about Joel and Ellie, rooting for them even when all hope seems to be lost.

I thought that the story couldn’t get  any better after the heart-wrenching ending of the game, but then the DLC came out: Left Behind.

It tells the story of how Ellie was bitten, and we are at last introduced to her best friend, Riley. The Left Behind DLC brings players right back into the world of The Last of Us, but with an entirely different perspective.

Though The Last of Us is now four years old and its once breathtaking, “am-I-looking-at-a-photograph” graphics are  now just “great,” it’s still definitely worth playing. If you’ve somehow missed it, drop everything and go play it as soon as you can. It’s available for  both PS3 and PS4, but the newer PS4 edition has enhanced graphics, a camera mode