Movie Review: La La Land

Sarah Margerison, Staff Writer


La La Land was one movie that swept 2016. From the character chemistry to the incredible score, this movie is a must-see. The record breaking seven Golden Globe awards won and the fourteen Oscar nominations speak for themselves. The movie includes Best Actress and Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture winners Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The preparation for the dancing and other important skills are evident in the film. Passion is also obvious in the powerful voices of Stone and Gosling as they belt out the creative lyrics in songs such as “City of Stars” and “A Lovely Night”. The tears of joy and sadness are always present in the audience. It takes you on an exciting and emotional journey of two lovers following their dreams.

The movie tells the story of Mia, a struggling actress, and Sebastian who has a passion for jazz. The love the characters have for each other is one that will make anyone’s heart melt. The chemistry between Mia and Sebastian is undeniable as they go through important events of the movie. If you’re not very interested in the beautiful young love of the two characters, the amazing music and tribute to classic Hollywood will definitely grab your attention. The melody of every song never fails to give the emotion it’s created to. “City of Stars” is one song that will make you fall in love with both characters and think about your own hopes and dreams. Though it shows a very positive experience for the actress and musician, it also exemplifies the struggles they go through to end up in the place they want to. It’s an inspiring story for anyone struggling to face their fears or follow their dreams. The story and cinematic brilliance of the movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and going back to the theaters again and again.