A Grandslam For Moneyball


Overall Grade: B+


This true story is about the general manager of the Oakland Athletics Billy Bean (Brad Pitt), and how he and his assistant (Jonah Hill) helped change the game of baseball. If you like the sport of baseball or if you are a business man trying to get some great ideas, this is a great movie to sit down and watch. During Billy Beans tenure with the Oakland Athletics, his team was the lowest of the lows. During the 2002 season his team made it all the way to the playoffs and was eliminated by the New York Yankees. The big issue was they were losing three of their best players to free agency. With basically no money to spend to get a big name player, he brings in Peter Brand who is working for the Cleveland Indians at the time. The two created a system that had no chance of winning but the two just went for it. At first it seemed like Bean was going to loose his job and become the worst GM in history but Bean and Brand somehow got through to the players and created something special. This movie also shows flashbacks of Billy Bean when he was coming out of high school as one of the best young prospects. At the end of the movie, Billy takes a trip up to Boston to meet with the owner of the Boston Red Sox, John Henry, to see if Billy would take the GM job of the Sox, but you are going to have to watch the movie to find out.