Pollution of the Lake

Maeve Conway

May 15, 2014

Lake Quannapowitt is what connects Wakefield to neighboring towns. Unfortunately, what actually lies beneath these waters is different from the beautiful appearance on the surface. For years, pollution of this lake has been buildin...

What’s your favorite mobile app?

Rosie Tiro

April 30, 2014

1.  What is the single most used app on an iPhone\Android\Smartphone? “Get off your phone, get off your phone, get off your phone.” Is all you hear your parents, teachers, bosses and maybe even your friends say to you. Tech...

AC/DC or Led Zeppelin?

Colin McGovern

April 30, 2014

Going into this, my assumption would be that most students don’t care about AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. The results, however, spoke otherwise. 9 students chose AC/DC, 9 chose Led Zeppelin and 7 didn’t care. It’s nice to see ...

What music do you workout to?

Jake Nazzaro

April 30, 2014

When working out, many people rely on the sound of music to give them that energy boost, but what music generally gives people that boost? When I work out, I normally listen to metal and rock n’ roll. This is because hearing...

What is your favorite music genre?

Louise Canavan

April 30, 2014

One of the topics that is most stereotyped in our society is music genres. The popularity and range of influence of certain genres are often assumed. Along with gender, age is one of the factors that many people believe affects musi...

Should Marching Band\Color Guard members get credits?

Katherine Willett

April 29, 2014

Marching Band: Credits or Not? During the fall you may see a group of over 70 students standing on Landrigan Field, loud clicking is heard in the background and flags are flying. This is the Marching Band and the Color Guard. Unde...

Do you nap?

Taylor Guarino

April 29, 2014

  Naps: Do you take naps? Earlier in the year, I wrote an article on “How to Take a Nap”. Now I am even continuing my investigation on the messed up “average student’s” sleep schedule. My main question is whether o...

Do students read in their free time?

Jenna Mello

April 29, 2014

We all have to read books for our English classes, but how many students at Wakefield High School actually read books in their free time? Since I was really young, reading has been a big part of my life. I have always wonder...

Should school sports count towards gym credit?

Brooke Pistorino

April 29, 2014

Many people complain about gym class, but others don't. So if you do a school sport, should you be required to take the class still? People complain about taking gym all the time, feeling like it doesn’t do much for us. People ...

Jay-Z or Eminem

Nick Glennon

April 28, 2014

Nick Glennon D Block 4/3/14   Eminem or Jay-Z? Reflection/Results   Jay-Z vs. Eminem is a popular discussion amongst rap fans. A recent survey conducted shows that people at Wakefield High School generally prefer Slim...

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