From the Galvin to the High School

Sean Willett

March 31, 2014

Wakefield Memorial High School has been a very different culture and institute than the Galvin since the day I stepped into the school. Wakefield High has really allowed to just be me and not someone I'm not like I was at the Gal...

Senior Profile: Erica Santaniello

Brooke Pistorino

March 31, 2014

I got the privilege to interview Erica Santaniello, a senior at Wakefield High School. Read below to hear about her memorable journey throughout High School. The first thing we talked about was her personal life and background informa...

Interview with Allen Drinkwater

Colin McGovern

March 31, 2014

I interviewed Allen Drinkwater; an English and Creative Writing teacher at Wakefield High. I have him for homeroom, so I’ve been a witness to his greatness since my first day here. He is passionate, whimsical, and at times goo...

A History of the Warrior

Katherine Willett, Katherine Willett

March 31, 2014

The History of The Warrior   The history behind the Warrior is more than something that has a ring to it when placed next to Wakefield.  It represents our Wakefield High. For almost seventy years, the warrior has represen...


Rosie Tiro

March 26, 2014

Do you like the idea of being here for homeroom to kick the day off or do you think high schools can do without it? Homeroom has been around for as long as people can remember. Especially here at Wakefield High. It’s a time fo...


Nicole Pecjo

March 26, 2014

The “bring your own device” project is in the process of being fully established and is going to be giant leap forward for Wakefield High School education. Bring your own device, better known as “BYOD” is a big step forward for a...

Dodgeball Reflection

Jake Nazzaro

March 26, 2014

March 11th was the big day for the Wakefield High dodgeball tournament and the stakes could not have been higher. Food was on the line! My friends and I entered the tournament with hopes of going all the way and pulling off a...

The New Snack Bar

Meaghan Hudson

March 26, 2014

After reports of grumbling stomachs, fatiguing students, and most importantly complaints of the WHS chocolate chip cookies gone astray; WHS put in the snack bar. Located in the back of the cafeteria, there is a what looks like a cafe window, ...

Focus on a Senior: Brianna Savage

Shannon Fairweather

March 26, 2014

Brianna Savage is a senior at Wakefield High School. She is a dancer at her studio, and one of the dance team captains at WHS. Brianna was born in Virginia, where she lived up until she was two years old. She moved to Wakefield a...

Focus on WHS

Focus on WHS

March 26, 2014

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