Buffalo Wild Wings


Nick Glennon

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Average Price: $15-$25

It’s hard to find a real restaurant that actually supplies true mouth-watering chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings is definitely an oddity in this sense. KFC offers many varieties of chicken wings but the quality of the food could definitely be called into question. You can go to the 99’s or Friday’s and get a serving of chicken wings with some celery and blue cheese on the side. However, can you name a restaurant that specializes in serving high quality delicious chicken wings? “BWW” is the ideal location for any true fan of chicken wings or just anybody who wants to take in a sports game and enjoy a good meal while out with a few friends.

The restaurant, founded in Ohio in 1981, has become a hotspot for hungry sports fans and families alike. It all started when James Disbrow, a man from Buffalo, New York, went out to Ohio to judge an amateur figure skating competition. While in Ohio, Disbrow and friend Scott Lowery were craving Buffalo chicken wings but could not seem to find any. So they came up with the idea to create a restaurant specializing in serving chicken wings. In 1982, Disbrow and Lowery opened the first restaurant, originally named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, in Columbus, Ohio. The restaurant was a success so the duo kept going and opened another Wild Wings in Westerville, Ohio. Since 1982, the chain has vastly expanded and it’s popularity has exploded to a nationwide scale. By 2009, Buffalo Wings had 652 different restaurant locations in 45 different states and in 2010 the franchise went international by expanding to Canada. The dominance has continued since then. It is now estimated that Buffalo Wild Wings has almost a thousand different restaurant locations and nearly 785 million dollars in revenue. You can even buy shares in the company on the stock market. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very exciting and unique. It’s like a utopia for sports fans. Nearly every restaurant has several large TV’s showing several different sports games. If you’re going out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings during an NFL Playoff game then expect a really fun time.   Buffalo Wild Wings has become a massive success – but does the food live up to the lofty expectations?

I decided to pay the restaurant a visit and give it a try. I went with my friends Tim and Kevin and was blown away as soon as I walked in. It was around 6 o’clock on a Friday night but I was almost immediately seated – that’s an extremely rare thing for any restaurant. The servers are so friendly and polite. They seemed to genuinely care about exactly where I wanted to be seated and the waiter was a kind gentleman as well. However, the service wasn’t the only thing that impressed me. The menu is actually quite extensive as it features several unique appetizers, a generous amount of cheeseburger options, over a dozen different chicken wings sauces and even options for those looking for a more healthy meal. In the end, I decided to order fried pickles as an appetizer and a small serving (no less than 7 wings) of the boneless wings with mild sauce as my main meal. It was fantastic! To say that the fried pickles were delicious would be an understatement. They were perhaps the best appetizer I’ve ever ordered at a restaurant. The dipping sauce adds even extra flavor to the already tasteful pickles. The chicken lives up to the hype as well. It was so flavorful and mouth watering. The blue cheese and celery on the side only made it all so better.

If you are going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings then I would strongly recommend the fried pickles as your appetizer. They’re a great prelude to your meal but at the same time they’re not overly filling so you’ll still have room for the main meal. If you thought Hooters’ fried pickles were good then you will be absolutely blown away by that of Buffalo Wild Wings. They are far superior as they’re much more flavorful and come up with excellent dipping sauce. For the main meal you can’t really go wrong with any variation of the wings.

If you’re into hot wings then the blazin’ or wild sauce is probably the best pick for you. However, if you’re not into getting your mouth burned then perhaps mild or medium sauce would be the best option for you. I’d recommend the boneless wings over the regular wings but that’s just my own opinion as I’m more of a boneless guy. Also, the build your own burger would be a great selection as well. You’re offered many different choices of cheeses, breads and toppings. It can be your own personal creation made just for you. Also, it’s not even that expensive as it only costs $8.49.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was impressed by everything they had to offer. The service was phenomenal and the food definitely managed to live up to the hype. I would recommend this restaurant to any one of my friends. When you go to Buffalo Wild Wing’s you’re nearly certain to have an enjoyable experience. I’ve been several times and I cannot recall a single time where I walked away disappointed or feeling as if my meal could have been better. It’s just a fun environment too. If you’re afraid to go out because you don’t want to miss the big Celtics game then don’t worry because you’re certain to catch it at Buffalo Wild Wings. The big TV’s are sure to keep you entertained until your food arrives. Overall, it was just a very good time capped off with great food. The perfect location for a Friday night dinner with some friends.  

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