American Joe’s

Colin McGovern

My family and I decided to go to American Joe’s: a relatively inexpensive American-cuisine restaurant near the Woburn Mall. The exterior of the building is garnished with a 50-foot tall neon sign, bearing the name of the restaurant. On the interior, one is greeted by a friendly, all-smiles staff. They are very cooperative and warm. The whole place is saturated in American memorabilia: flags, Yuengling posters and various trinkets. Guns n Roses drifted from overhead speakers as we took our seats. We were served by a young girl by the name of Sammy, who was a ray of sunshine. She informed me that everything in the restaurant is made on-premise, and there is not a single microwave to be found in the building. They were very accommodating to my sister, who has a gluten allergy.

We started with tilapia fish tacos, which were topped with coleslaw. Three they numbered, in decent size. The flavors of the tacos complemented each other nicely, as did the temperatures: the heat of the grilled fish and the coolness of the cole slaw. Also, the crunch and tang of the cole slaw contrasted well with the mild texture and flavor of the fish.

For my entree, I ordered scallop risotto, which was served in a white wine sauce. the scallops were soft, and melted in my mouth. The risotto followed suit, with plump pieces of rice and a mellow sauce. The whole dish was filling, and delicious.

For dessert, I ordered a slice of coffee ice cream cake in a chocolate crust. It was a fitting end to a hearty meal.

Rating: 7 stars out of 10