Durgin Park – A Place You’ll Never Forget!


Diana Murphy

Hungry for seafood? Craving juicy steaks or a fresh salad? Durgin Park will have nearly any food that you could possibly desire, from cheesecake to calamari. Located in the bustling Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Durgin Park is a convenient and quality restaurant that has served millions of people since it’s establishment in 1742. It was founded by Peter Faneuil, one of Boston’s most famous merchants, and handed down through the succeeding generations. Durgin Park still serves many traditional “Yankee” dishes such as Shepherd’s Pie and Pot Roast. Durgin Park is a classic Boston eatery and truly represents the city’s incredible city.

When I entered Durgin Park, I thought the atmosphere was pleasant; not over crowded, nice dimmed lighting, clean, and surprisingly quiet. It was a great place to step into after walking throughout the chilly city all day. I was immediately attended to by a friendly waitress, who was obviously dedicated to her job and keeping customers happy.

The menu was very extensive with a wide variety of choices. The drink and dessert menus contained a lot of variety as well.

The service was remarkably fast. I had my root beer in hand less than a minute after ordering it. My meal was placed in front of me ten minutes after ordering. This was a new experience for me; the restaurant was reasonably crowded, but I got my food at lightning speed! My dining partner exclaimed “Wow, that was quick!” after each prompt delivery of food. I hate waiting around at restaurants, but there was no need for that at Durgin Park.

I ordered a half-rack of barbecue ribs with sides of mashed potatoes and butternut squash. The ribs were piping hot, tender, and well cooked. The mild sides nicely complemented the tangy ribs. I was pleased that the portions were very appropriate. Enormous entrees are an annoyance to me because nobody could possibly consume such huge amounts of food in one sitting, and if people don’t take home their leftovers, the uneaten food is throw out, which is an abominable waste of  labor, resources, and money. Durgin Park gave me a perfect serving, which, for me, is an important aspect of a meal. In addition, my waitress made sure to stop by to make sure that my meal was fantastic and to my liking.

When the bill arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. Four root beers, two entrees, plus a standard 15% tip came to just under $60. That’s an affordable price, especially considering the rapid service and high quality food. I’m guessing that the low price was made possible by the modest portion sizes. At Durgin Park, you can have a delicious, satisfying meal without burning through your wallet.

After leaving Durgin Park, my friend said, “That was really good! We should go back someday.” I completely agreed. There’s nothing better than a high quality restaurant with great food in the heart of Boston. I recommend Durgin Park for family dinners, dates, people on budgets, and all types of celebrations. I also recommend it for tourists who want to experience an authentic Bostonian eatery without spending a huge amount of money.