iPhone 5: Revolutionary or Evolutionary?


Molly DelGreco, Reporter

The iPhone 5 has caught the country’s great attention these past few weeks. Apple explains it’s the most revolutionary iPhone yet. But, some are saying otherwise.

The iPhone 5 is said and shown to be the better, quicker, and slimmer version of the iPhone 4S. With its greatest new feature, the 4-inch retina display, people say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to iPhone. Some other new features of the iPhone include: the thinner design, Ultrafast wireless, an A6 chip, new ear-pod headphones, the iSight camera, and even more. Obviously Apple is all excited about this new release and their all new creation, but some people aren’t so pleased with the changes.

Average buyers of the iPhone feel like the upgrade is not enough.  Many are frustrated by the fact that the iPhone 5 still has the same exact features as the 4S, except, it is a bit slimmer and the apps are a little better. The only basic things that are different are the bigger screen, the camera, and the look. Techies and average buyers expected so much more. It was more of a let down than of a new experience. Knowing Apple and their great minds, the world expected greater things and a new evolution of technology, but certainly didn’t get it.

Another disappointment was the new “lighting connector.” This was a bad move, yet smart move on Apple’s part, because the consumers are not only purchasing the phone that’s already expensive; they also have to purchase new adapters such as iHome’s, charging docks, and more. Good for the company’s bottom line, bad for the buyers. Even though Apple hasn’t outdone themselves like always, people still want to buy the product because, well, it’s Apple. The company has such a great reputation that consumers forget about what they really want and need in a phone.

In recent iPhone creations, every buyer has complained about the battery life. The phone dies faster when on the internet for long periods of time and when using apps. It really is a shame that the iPhone, in the end, has horrible battery life, which is the worst thing about the phone. In the iPhone 5, Apple explains how it has better and longer battery life. With Wi-Fi on, the phone has 10 hours of battery life, compared to the 4s, which only has 9. While it’s not the biggest jump in time, it’s still an upgrade.

For the first time, Apple finally decided to change the shape of the headphones. The old headphones were just the standard-fitting buds, but the new headphones are said to fit every different shaped ear. This was a good move for Apple because while the old ones were okay, they would fall out if you went for a run or even moved around the least bit. So, in a way, it was a good thing that Apple put out their new phone.

As a result, the iPhone 5 was not the greatest device ever put out in the world. It will come to be known to have those new phone glitches and have to be upgraded once again. But, this new phone works for some people’s tastes, and that’s what really matters. You can’t please everyone, so if you don’t like the new upgrade and design, just simply don’t buy it. Seeing as though the marketing techniques for the iPhone 5 persuade people to buy the phone, more consumers buy it just to have it, instead of buying it to want it.