Boston Faces Uncertainty of Having First New Mayor in Two Decades


Nick Glennon

You might know Boston mayor Thomas Menino as that old guy who mumbles a lot and often screws up the names of local sports heroes.

To the public, Menino seems like a bit of a goofball and someone who is a tad too old to be capable of being mayor of one of the biggest cities in the United States. However, a few months ago when Menino decided he would not run for another term as mayor, many were shocked and disappointed. Menino did a great job of running Boston over the course of his 20 year reign. He cleaned up the city, lowered crime rates, and restored a sense of regional pride. He’s arguably the greatest mayor that Boston has ever had and he has become a political icon.

        While Menino will be sorely missed, the show must go on. On November 5th, Boston citizens elected 46 year-old Martin “Marty” Walsh to serve as the new mayor of the city. It was a battle of Democrats for the position as Walsh barely edged out fellow Democrat John Connolly by a mere two percent of the vote. Walsh is a graduate of Boston College, has experience as a union official and has served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 1997. He has stated that his core priority as new mayor is to improve education in Massachusetts public schools.

        Walsh seems to have a bright future and he seems to be someone very capable of serving the role as mayor. However, it will be hard to fill the shoes of Tom Menino. Menino served as mayor for 20 years and won every election by a pretty solid margin. The closest election came in 2009 when Menino edged out Michael Flaherty 57% to 43%. The people of Boston just can’t get enough of the guy. His role as mayor has been key to lowering the crime rate in the city of Boston. Also, Menino has done a great job of promoting Boston by constantly keeping the city modern and making it a huge tourist attraction. The man who mumbles has been a hero to the city of Boston. Nothing lasts forever and all good things come to an end, but Menino’s legacy in the city will be felt for many years. What are your thoughts on Menino leaving?