2016, Worst Year Ever?


Rachel King, Co-Editor

We can all agree that 2016 was pretty bad. It seems like there was never a day where there was no bad news. From terrorist attacks, a brutal election, and celebrity deaths, nothing seemed to go right. However, I think that there are many years in history that were far worse. Here are my top five worse years of all time:

The fifth worst year in history is 1919. This is when unemployment skyrocketed after WWI and the people were extremely unhappy. People were dying of the flu and there was no way to stop it. All across the country more and more people were rioting. The government was in shambles and people were not getting answers. This lead to labor strikes across the country.

The fourth worst year in history is 1968. That year is when the Vietnam War was in motion and many citizens were protesting and unhappy with the government’s decision to keep fighting. Also at this time, North Korea advanced on America in Vietnam. Additionally, two major figures were assassinated that year, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy. They were very influential men of the time and people were upset and outraged about their deaths.

The third worst year in history is 2001. That is the one of the most infamous years in American history. That is when 9/11, a terrorist attack,  occurred leaving 3,000 innocent people dead. Everyone knows where they were and nobody has good memories of that day. Also that year the world’s largest oil rig suffered three explosions. Additionally, this is the year the U.S. started a war with Afghanistan.

The second worst year in history is 1348. This was the year when the Black Death was peaking, and people were dying left and right. Entire families could be destroyed in one week. This is before there was any sort of treatment for the virus. This event caused Europe to plummet into the Dark Ages and was set back centuries.

The worst year in history, in my opinion, was 1943. The U.S. economy was weak and people had to dedicate their life to the war. Some people went to fight, while others stayed home and anxiously waited for them to return. However the reason why the year 1943 was the worst in history is because the Holocaust was occurring in Europe at that time. This is a dark period in time, where 6 million Jewish people were killed just because of their beliefs. In total however the number of people killed is around 11 million. Clearly this did not all take place in the same year, however, 1943 was the most prominent year of the murder. 

In retrospect, 2016 doesn’t seem all that bad. And there is always 2017.