NBA set to adopt new foul policies


Kacper Kruszewski

Tim Mailhoit, Staff Writer


As you all know the NBA has been known for bad officiating and some questionable calls. Some people even think that the league is fixed and the refs favor certain teams. “We no longer have to worry about such calls,” said NBA commissioner Adam Silver. He and his staff have come up with new ways to call fouls and they say it should improve the game.

The foul calls are the same but the way the referees call them will be different. If you have MVP of the league you now can complain your way to a foul call and the ref has to give it to you. If you are an all star you now do not even have to be touched. You have to flop and they will have to give it to you. If you are just an everyday player then the only way you get a call is if the foul has potential to result in an injury.

Offensive fouls are being cut down too. If you push the defender off you they will call the foul on the defender unless you are LeBron James.

The league has even come up with a list of players who can not foul out of a game. If a ref does foul out one of these players he will lose his job immediately and be banned for life. The list consists of the most untouchable man in basketball; LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kobe Bryant, and the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team because LeBron James is on that team.

The league has also decided to allow the refs to take even longer to review plays. This will allow the viewers at home to fully enjoy their mid-game snack.