February: Let the Bad Times Roll


Kacper Kruszewski

Neil Fitzgerald, Tom Butt, and Annabel Greco

No one ever seems to discuss the quality of the twelve months of the year. Everyone likes the summer months, aduring this time. All the movies being played in theaters are poor quality pictures and no activity from the top filmmakers in the business. The biggest sports event in the country usually takes place sometime in early February, and of course that would be the Super Bowl. After that, SportsCenter is constantly digging for stories to present. In the end, you just wanna change the channel.

Did I mention the problems snow creates? Since it’s impossible to accomplish anything, everything is canceled or delayed. Snow days are not good for students in school.  Not only is there nothing to do on a snow day, thinking about making them up in June makes you feel even worse. Wouldn’t you rather be in school during the middle of February rather than feeling uncomfortably warm on June 25th when you could actually be swimming in a pool. With all of the blizzards this year, I feel like I’ve barely even attended school the past couple weeks. Once I’m in school, I am thinking “This is different.” Then I remember that we don’t even have school all of next week because of vacation. It is so offsetting.

Oh wait. I did find something positive about February. February is the shortest month, with only 28 days (usually). However, it is educated to claim that this month has the slowest pace. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to fix these problems. Just ride the storm out, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.