Skiing vs. Snowboarding


Kaylee Souza, Staff Writer

It is winter and you have been dreading the cold, just looking for something to do. Skiing and snowboarding are very popular activities in the winter because they give you the opportunity to get out of your house and they involve the whole family. However, the hardest choice is picking whether to do skiing or snowboarding, for there are a lot of similarities and differences.

One of the major differences between skiing and snowboarding is the equipment. Skiing involves two sets of skinny boards, poles (optional), and boots that are bonded onto the boards. To snowboard, though, you only have one wide board and two boots that you click into the bindings on the board.  Another important difference about these two winter activities would be that they go down the mountain in two very different ways. When skiing, the skier use their skis to go down the mountain, but snowboarders use their bodies more to maneuver down than skiers do. This leads to the reason why going down a mountain on skis is much faster, compared to on a snowboard. Lastly, if you want to be involved with the terrain aspect of  a mountain then skiing is the way to go. While terrain parks provide jumps and ramps for both skiing and snowboarding, most mountains design their terrain parks for skiers.

Overall, there are many differences between these two popular winter activities. The equipment, the way they go down the mountain, how fast they go, and the terrain parks are all examples of the differences between skiing and snowboarding. They are both exciting and adventurous, and in the end both are a great way to spend time with your family and make new memories this winter.