Class of 2016, What’s Next?


Gianna Gebhard, Reporter

Incoming freshmen take control at WHS during student officer elections while many aspiring young leaders fight for the votes of their classmates to win.

As the 2012-2013 school year began, time for freshman class officer election crept around the corner. I believe I can speak on behalf of the vast majority of freshmen when I say that the high school,   although a great place, is a little scary and intimidating.

WHS clearly maintains a welcoming and positive atmosphere, so total comfort in this new school is ensured with time. As for now though, while we are adjusting to our new environment, the idea of being the youngest in the school provokes nervousness and hesitancy inside of every freshman. In addition to all this worry about our high school debut, not much is more nerve wracking than putting oneself out there for an election. The risk of not being voted into the position of the office you are running for carries with it a greater anxiety than any sense if excitement about winning. Although there is that ever present sense of high school fear, lots of new leaders are stepping up to take power and represent the freshman class with voices that will be heard. Through the whole election experience, excited students ran and voted for their officers. After nervously anticipating the results, the four winners were decided out of many excellent candidates. At the end of the process, it was announced that the officer positions consist of Sarah Stumpf as president, Gianna Gebhard as vice president, Maddie Flemming as class treasurer, and Jessica Dubuque as class secretary. Even though these results mark the end of the elections for this year, the end is merely just the beginning for all the responsibilities, projects, and what is next to come for the officers. Well prepared, the officers are ready to begin but still floating around is the general question, what exactly is next to come?

The officers will work diligently with class advisers and upperclassmen to generate ideas on fund raising and planning events for this upcoming year. Though hard work, efficiency, and cooperation, many great things can and will be accomplished. Throughout this year, the officers will be speaking to their class, helping to raise money for events, selling t-shirts and in addition they have a fundraiser at a restaurant. All of this fund raising goes towards ensuring that the class of 2016 has exquisite, memorable junior and senior proms. So, with lots of devoted time and energy from the class officers, freshmen will have amazing proms and other events to make their high school experience here at WHS even more enjoyable. As the new freshmen officers take on lots of responsibilities and obligations, there certainly is plenty coming next for the WHS class of 2016.