Ms. Zaramba-Macri: Inspiring Students for Fourteen Years


Gianna Gebhard, Reporter

Ms. Zaramba-Macri is one of the best math teachers at WHS, dedicating lots of time to helping expand the growing minds of all her students.

Ms. Zaramba-Macri’s inspiration to become a teacher began in the fifth grade with Ms. Bennett, who pushed her to her limit and made her reach goals she never thought she could. She loved Ms. Bennett and from her very tough, but successful teaching, Ms. Zaramba-Macri knew from then on that she wanted to be a teacher. She always wanted to help and someday she knew she would be able to. However, she didn’t necessarily know she was going to be a math teacher. She thought she was going to be a theatre arts teacher, despite her own school teachers ideas who thought she would aspire to be a doctor or have a profession in the medical field. Life took hold though and swung her in different directions as she is now one of the many excellent math teachers at WHS.

This is our hardworking Ms. Zaramba-Macri’s fourteenth year working with kids teaching math here. She loves her job now and one of her favorite parts is seeing the little light bulb go off in a child’s mind when they finally understand, but this has not been her only job. Ms. Zaramba-Macri was in international banking and used to work at Brandeis University balancing their checkbook. Through her tremendous efforts and persistence, she found a two million dollar error in the checkbook that had been made before she got there, so her beloved career there proved very successful. Additionally, Ms. Zaramba-Macri loves her job teaching math, but when shes not at school you can find her reading and making puppets, two of her favorite hobbies. When asked if money were no object, what profession other than math would she  have, she replied “Oh, I would definitely be on the stage; I should’ve gotten a Tony by now, I was born to get a Tony.” As you can see, Ms. Zaramba-Macri is a very interesting and creative person;so with that said, her playwriting abilities are no surprise. Although she does not recommend this, Ms. Zaramba-Macri said that one of the most creative things she’s ever done was when she wrote an entire two act musical, script, lyrics, characters, etc. all in the single night before it was due. Passing in her play hoping and praying not to fail, Ms.Zaramba-Macri was pleasantly surprised when she found out that her play came in top two of all the submitted plays and was almost going to be used in the next year’s production!

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