Ten Best Attractions in Disney World


Leah Tanner

The most magical place on Earth, also known as Walt Disney World, has so many attractions, but there are ten favorites that anyone will enjoy.


The four parks in Disney World are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Magic Kingdom, the most well-known park, is where you can find all the classic Disney characters and attractions. Epcot is shaped like a circle and each part of the circle represents a different country. You can go to any country of your choice and learn about their culture and eat some cultural food. Animal Kingdom is, of course, all about animals. There are safari rides to see the animals and places where you can touch the animals. And, if you don’t like real animals, there are rides that feature fake animals for your enjoyment. Hollywood Studios features famous people and films in history. Many of the events and rides are based on a famous movie or a famous movie character.

1. The Mountains – Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom). These classics are peoples’ favorites. Space Mountain is a simple, indoor rollercoaster that makes you feel like you’re traveling through space. It doesn’t go upside down, and there are a few drops. Thunder Mountain is another simple rollercoaster. It’s outdoors and doesn’t go upside down. It’s good for all ages. Splash Mountain is a good ride for the summer. It’s short and simple, while still enjoyable. You go down one long drop into water. You don’t go upside down, but you do get wet.

2. Soarin’ (Epcot) – Soarin’ is one of Disney World’s newer attractions. On Soarin’, you sit in a simulator and it rises above the ground. You look at a big screen that makes you feel like you’re flying. You feel the wind, you smell the trees, and you get the whole flying sensation. You’ll be convinced you’re moving, but you won’t be. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t like rollercoasters or fast rides because it’s slow but the sensation is amazing and is fun for all ages.

3. Test Track (Epcot) – On Test Track, you feel like you are at factory that builds cars. They make you believe that you are taking a ride in one of their newest cars. You go through simulators to test the car to see if it can handle it. There are a lot of bumps, sharp turns, and at a few points, you’ll clearly see how it claims its title as the fastest roller coaster in Disney World.

4. Rock n’ Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios) – This high-speed rollercoaster features the 70’s band Aerosmith. The rollercoaster goes so fast that when you go upside down, you may not even realize it. It’s the second fastest rollercoaster in Disney World and accelerates from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds when the ride first takes off. It’s a dark, indoor ride.

5. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios) – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is based on a hotel being struck by lighting and transporting an elevator full of people into “the twilight zone”. On this ride, you sit in the elevator and go through the hotel. Suddenly, the elevator drops almost 200 feet. The ride continues going up and back down again a few times. It is a short yet thrilling indoor ride.

6. Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) – On Expedition Everest, also commonly known as Mount Everest, you go up and down drops on Mount Everest. As you go up, a Yeti comes out of hiding and rips up the tracks. You end up going backwards down the track you already went up. This ride is a thrilling, outdoor roller coaster. You should probably get a fastpass for it though, because the line is always extremely long.

7. Toy Story Mania (Hollywood Studios) – This attraction is perfect for all ages. On this interactive motion ride, you sit in a cart with your 3D glasses on and go through carnival games to shoot at with toy guns and cannons. You earn points as you hit the targets. It’s good for all ages, especially kids.

8. Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom) – On this ride, you sit in a circle shaped raft that holds 12 people and go down the river. When the ride first starts, you go down a 90 foot drop through a waterfall. This ride is  recommended for a hot summer day where you want to get wet. The weird thing is, you either get soaked or you barely get wet.

9. Dinosaur (Animal Kingdom) – On this ride, you get on board a time-traveling rover that takes you through time back to the age of the dinosaurs. There are so many surprises on this ride, and may not be good for kids who get scared easily!

10. Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom) – On this ride, you sit in a cart and are taken throughout the spooky mansion. It’s an indoor ride and isn’t recommended for anyone who gets frightened a lot.

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All Photos Sourced from www.disneyworld.com