Halloween: Beloved or Overrated?

Halloween: Beloved or Overrated?

Nick Glennon

Halloween is a fun holiday. Kids go out and receive candy from neighbors while adults have to stay home and hand out treats to eager children. Is Halloween one of the more significant holidays or just a minor holiday that’s an excuse to party? Halloween is a strange holiday because it has no modern religious or cultural connections Also, candy is given away but no legitimate presents are given or received. As you grow older, it seems as though Halloween loses its luster. When you’re a kid it’s such a thrill to go out, get candy and eat it all night until your teeth rot. Teenagers have great times too; even though it usually involves causing mayhem around the neighborhood rather than collecting candy.

However, for adults there is really no joy in Halloween. You have to spend a small fortune on large bags of candy and continuously go to the door all night to give it to kids. Also, if you have bad candy then you get that reputation as the adult in the neighborhood who hates kids. This does not seem like much fun to me. So is Halloween a wonderful holiday to all or an overrated celebration that shouldn’t be as big as it really is? It’s really a question of opinion.

Most adults will probably think the latter. However, most kids will probably tell you that Halloween is one of their favorite holidays. But how does Halloween really stack up against other major holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and even Easter? Is it really such a wonderful

thing? My personal favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is a great holiday because it brings people together and kids get really excited for it. Christmas time is everybody’s favorite time of the year. Everybody looks forward to Christmas. Who looks forward to Halloween? Christmas is all about family, fun and presents. Halloween is more of a party holiday while Christmas is more about bonding with your family and exchanging gifts. So

what’s so great about Halloween? Do you enjoy Halloween?