Technology Integration at WHS


Senila Yasmin, Reporter

This year, Wakefield High School started a new course, Technology Integration. This class was originally named The Student Help Desk when it was started last year, by Elaine Hughes. It was also not an official class last year, and the students did not receive high school credits for it, but this year, it has become official. Last year, The Student Help Desk was a course offered to all students at Wakefield High School. The students taking this class provided IT support to the any teachers or staff in the Wakefield Public Schools District. There was not an actual teacher for The Student Help Desk.

This year, the students taking have two great teachers, Mr. Martin and Mr. Gosselin. Along with Technology Integration, Mr. Martin and Mr. Gosselin both teach English classes at the High School.

There are about twenty students taking the Technology Integration course. These students provide technology support to the teachers and faculty in Wakefield High School. But there are some things that are different in this year’s course. This year, Technology Integration students are showing teachers how to use technology in the classroom. They are also helping teachers and other faculty members get used to the new technology that is being offered to them. Some examples of this technology include Google Drive, Gmail, and Discovery Streaming.

The Technology Support Center is located in Wakefield High School in a new room built over the summer, Room 1230. Teachers and faculty in the High School can call the Technology Support Center and get help over the phone. They can also personally come down to room 1230 and get help with what they need. Another option is that a student can go to the teacher or faculty member and help them with what they need. They can also fill out an online Google Form saying what their problem is, or what they need help on, and what time of the day they would like help. This time is usually a teacher’s ASC or prep block.                                                                                                                         Unfortunately, the Technology Integration students cannot help faculty members outside of the high school. The Technology Integration team hopes that as the time goes by, they can extend their help to the all of the Wakefield Public Schools.

To learn more about the Technology Integration, check out their new website:!