Learning to Drive: What to Expect


Shannon Fairweather

For 16 years you have been driven everywhere, but now it’s your time to learn the rules of the road. Its time for drivers ed!


Turning 16 is a huge deal for many reasons. A big one is being able to drive! But are you really able to drive? Not yet. Your first step is to go to driver’s ed classes. You will be eligible for this when you’re fifteen and a half. Popular driving schools include Agganis, Crystal, and Clearview. Sadiya Crowshaw, a sixteen year old who attended the Agganis drivers education program said, “It was a great experience, I learned a lot and feel very prepared for my permit test.” During the 5 days you will learn signs, laws, the dangers of trying to operate while under the influence, and much more on how to be a safe driver.

After these five days you should be very ready to get your permit, which you can do at your local Registry of Motor Vehicles. Once you have your permit you are on your way to being licensed! Six months from this point you will be eligible to get your license, but you have a lot of work to do before then. The next step is the dreaded driving lessons. Scheduling these is just about as hard as driving through a snowstorm. First visit the website (agganis.com), with your username and password that you should recieve once you pass drivers ed, then click “Schedule driving lessons”. Here you will see a calendar and maybe, if you’re lucky some open spots. Once you have this lesson booked put it into your calendar so you will not forget! When the day comes be ready fifteen minutes earlier than your time because your instructor could show up then or 15 minutes later than your time. Bring along your permit and a folder. Most often there will be another student driving when you are picked up. This is so you can get your “observing” time in. Then you will switch with that person and drive around. During your lesson you will learn how to do all the important things you will need to drive, such as parallel parking, pulling over, backing up in a straight line, three point turns, going on the highway, and more. Once you finish your eighth lessons you are so close to being done! All that is left is the drivers test, make sure you book it 21 days before you are hoping to do so. Drivers tests only happen on Saturdays.

Make sure you practice with your parents and always be cautious! For more information on how to go through the learning to drive process go to www.agganis.com. Good luck and happy driving. Did anything crazy happen to you while at Drivers Ed, or while on a driving lesson? Comment below!