LA confidential: D’Angelo Russell vs Nick Young


Brett Maloney, Staff Writer


D’Angelo Russell was the second overall pick in last years draft by the Los Angeles Lakers coming out of The Ohio State University. D’Angelo has been the one bright spot this year for the Lakers during this historically bad season for the Lakers. The fans of the Lakers thought that Russell was going to be Kobe Bryant’s aire to the throne as he is currently completing his final season in LA, but now he is being booed by his once fans because of a prank he pulled on his roommate Nick Young.

Nick Young who is engaged to pop artist Iggy Azalea, but on a recent road trip as the Lakers continue their team wide prank wars Russell might have taken it just a little too far. While Russell and Young were in there hotel room, Russell took a snapchat video of Nick talking about how he was cheating on Iggy and somehow the video got released to the public. It is still unclear how in fact the video got out but that’s not the main point here. Russell has now been shunned from the team and no one wants to even be near him.

The following Monday the Lakers lost to the Jazz by 48 points and this story is being cited as the main reason why they lost by so much because the team has completely turned their back on D’Angelo. In a recent team meeting Russell went to sit in a open chair next to fellow guard Lou Williams, and right as Russell sat down Williams got up and moved to a different seat.

As the NBA season is slowly closing the Lakers will obviously not be making the playoffs, and this saga is just another problem that is troubling the Lakers. It will be interesting to see what happens with the team and Russell in the coming weeks to see if they can get over this problem or need to remake the entire roster.