iPhone SE Review: Pros and Cons


Giovanni Laurina, Staff Writer

A big announcement hit last month in March for Apple and the news spread rapidly. This is the first time Apple has made two new iPhones within the span of the same year. The iPhone 6s came out September  25, 2015 while the iPhone SE came out on March 24, 2016. That’s only a 6 month difference when it usually takes Apple a full year to release a new product. Here are some tips for consumers interested in purchasing the new devices.

First off, if you’re an iPhone user who hates the small screens like the iPhone 4s then these are not for you. Apple made the new phones specifically for customers who miss the small display. The iPhone SE is four inches. (Deju Vu! I never thought I would see the day that Apple would make the iPhone smaller again.) With a 4-inch screen and the body of an iPhone 5s, it fits in your pocket better than the iPhone 6s. The iPhone SE comes in the same four colors that the 6s comes in:  black, white, gold, and rose gold (pink). With the same design as the 5s it has the middle aluminum back with the top and bottom with metal.  This new iPhone has the best camera out of all the iphones and has the same pixel display as the 6s. The SE starts at $399 in Apple if you want it.

If you’re not all about the new small display then wait for the iPhone 7 because that one is most likely going to be back to the bigger and better display.