Handsome and Athletic

Danielle Tremblay, Staff Writer

Adam Chanley. Class Comedian. Star of High School Musical. Fantastic baseball pitcher. Handsome and athletic.

Those are just a few phrases to describe Adam, and only touch upon things he has partaken in during his senior year. Around town, he has done cross country, baseball, works as a janitor at Jordan’s Furniture, eats a lot of pizza, and helps out at St. Patrick’s Church food drives.

Adam was born on September 19th, 1998. His parents are Paul and Susan, and he has a younger sister Rachel, who is a freshman at WHS. He believes that his father, Paul, hsa really shaped his personality through his political views, and the way he was raised.

In the upcoming years, Adam plans to attend Merrimack College. He hopes to study Secondary Education, as well as History and Physics. He hopes to be either a high school teacher, for either physics, or history. A backup, is being a janitor.

Five things that Adam used to describe himself were, pizza, handsome, optimistic, handsome and energetic. A few students from his sociology class gave their opinions on him. “Adam might be one of the strangest yet handsome and athletic men I have ever met,” says a classmate.

Joe Connell said these kinds words about him, “Adam is an inspiration to us all.”

When asked if he had any advice to give to up and coming students, Adam said, “Take it all in, try new things–not drugs– but sports and stuff. Do the senior show, try to meet new people, and don’t take it too seriously.”

His favorite memory of high school is Murray’s Flurries’ Trap House, and all the tailgates him and his friends started. His five favorite things include baseball, eating pizza, cleaning things, making people laugh, and watching movies.

I asked him more about his future, such as his dream job, which is being a sports announcer for baseball. But when he talks about being a teacher, Adam says, “I think it’s going to be wicked easy, I think my dad being a teacher is a big inspiration for me. It’s not all about the money, as long as you like teaching people things.”

We wish Adam the best of luck in the future! Here is a final quote from one of his friends, “Adam is the best dad I could have ever asked for, not only is he handsome and athletic, but he taught me how to play ball and ride a bike.”