Jeremy Keegan: WMHS Icon


Patrick Pierce, Staff Writer

Jeremy Keegan is a senior at Wakefield high school who’s finally about to pass on into college. His story doesn’t start here, though. Jeremy was born at Winchester hospital on November 10th, 1997. He has two older sisters. Brittany, who was four at the time, and Sam, who was age six.

During his time at WHS, Jeremy has managed to keep busy. He’s participated in Cross Country, becoming captain of the team. Also, he participated in the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance). Jeremy also came out as gay during sophomore year. He revealed it via an essay that he had written for creative writing class. It was a relief for him to finally come out!

For majors, Jeremy’s going to be doing a double major of Game Art Design and History. He’s doing history because Jeremy’s always found the topic extremely interesting to learn. Jeremy’s studying  Game Art Design because he has a passion for creating and telling stories.

Even though his high school career is nearly over, Jeremey still wanted to impart some advice for the coming freshmen.

“If you see someone who you think is cool, tell them. Compliment people more, don’t be afraid of coming off as “weird”. It will make someone’s day if you seem genuine when you compliment them. And expand your horizons when it comes to friends. Don’t write people off,” Jeremy told me. It’s advice that could be valuable to any WMHS student, regardless of their grade.

On May 27, Jeremy, along with the rest of the seniors, will be leaving WHS. Many of the friends that the seniors made here will greatly miss them. Even after they leave, however, we’ll still feel the influence that they made at WHS. All of them, surely, have changed WHS for the better.