Soon to be WHS Alumni


Maddie Power, Staff Writer


The senior class of 2016’s reign at Wakefield Memorial High School is finally coming to an end. It is time that we acknowledge some of our lesser known seniors: the underdogs who aren’t star athletes, insane geniuses, and are just exceptionally ordinary.

Kayla Hourihan will be known as the senior that successfully slid under everyone’s radar. She has been living in Wakefield with her family since birth. Kayla lives with her mom Nancy, her dad John, and her sister Kelly. She was born on May 6th, 1998.  Kayla participated in both yearbook club and social awareness club this year.  She also played field hockey for three years until she sprained her ankle and then got tendonitis from doing track. Kalya does pretty well in school, and is part of the National Honor Society. She enjoys shopping, watching tv with her sister, and babysitting her 2 little cousins.

Some of her favorite things include hamburgers, french fries, and country music. She likes hamburger and french fries because they are some of the only things she can eat. She is allergic to many things, 14 to be exact. She is allergic to things like nuts, dairy, egg, soy, and sesame. This makes it hard for Kayla to eat out; she always has to bring her own food to places. So even though Kayla loves hamburgers, she can’t even enjoying eating them with a normal bun.      

Even though she’s not allowed to play it in the car with her family, Kayla loves country music. Her sister, Kelly, despises it and refuses to let her play it in the car when she’s there. But when she’s not, Kayla blares it when she is driving on her own. She even went to Country Fest last August and is going again this year.

         Kayla is moving onto Endicott college next year, and decided on sports management as her major. She hopes to work on the PGA, or Professional Golf Association, golf tour. Her favorite sport is golf, and she already works at Golfsmith. “She loves the sport, and you can really tell by her work ethic”, her manager, Matt Adams, comments.  Kayla fell in love with golf when she “went to Deutsche Bank Championship to see [her] cousin Aaron Baddeley, and [she] was inspired to work and learn to play golf.” She also have a favorite golfer, like every sports fan does, Jordan Spieth. He became a pro golfer when he was just 21. He won three majors and went on to win the FedEx cup, many players’ dream, in his first year,. Her favorite vacation place, Hilton Head Island, North Carolina, is also related to golf, it where she met professional golfer Bill Haas.

Kayla felt like her senior year flew by. Her advice for students is not to “waste time away because it already goes by fast enough, and and you want to enjoy your high school years.” She told me that it’s true what everyone says, highschool does go by in a blink of an eye. She recommends to take in and remember all the good you’ve had at the school. Her favorite moment this year was the senior show. “Our class became one [and] worked together to produce the best show we could,” she remembered. Kayla said that she also enjoyed senior show also because High School Musical is her favorite movie.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to upsurge them”, she quoted Walt Disney. This is her favorite quote. She says that it describes her perfectly. Kayla goes on to say,  “I have dreams that are hard to reach but I just can’t give up on that dream.” She says she has to believe in herself and not give up on her dream.

When Kayla leaves with the other seniors on May 27, she’ll be missed, not by many but by those who knew her. Good luck at Endicott Kayla!