Get the Best Breakfast at Brothers Deli


Rebecca Hunt, Staff Writer

Most Wakefield residents know about Brothers, a restaurant located in the center of town on 404 Main Street. It’s a town staple!

The restaurant was founded in 1983, as a fountain on the wall states, along with the quotation, “Keep smiling.” Throughout the three decades Brothers has been around, Wakefield residents have loved it!

They’ve been around in the community for years, and treat the town really well. By supporting local events such as the Fourth of July parade in town and golf tournaments. Because of this, virtually everyone loves Brothers!

Many have business meetings in the large, open space filled with tables and booths. Teams have postgame meals there, but there’s still plenty of room for other people. Local groups also have meetings there! On Saturday mornings, the laughter and talking of kids with their grandparents fills the restaurant.

This Saturday was no different. As my mother and I walked into Brothers, we heard the clattering of silverware and smelled all sorts of delicious breakfast foods. We got in line, ordered, and waited a few minutes for the food to be prepared. Before long, we were seated with a Greek omelette, eggs and hash, and juice in a booth. It had been prepared right in front of us, and it was as fresh as can be.

Though the food was prepared quickly, it was exactly how we ordered, and was really delicious. My eggs were scrambled, just how I like them, and my mom said her omelette was delicious, too!

We enjoyed our food, which was still warm, and watched the news on one of the many TVs throughout the restaurant.

“The lunch line inspires me,” said Shannon Foley, a local high schooler. “My favorite things to order are the hash browns and chocolate chip pancakes.”

Brothers has delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the prices are reasonable, too. We paid just under $20 for our two meals, which had quite a bit of food.

At breakfast time, you can get basically any breakfast food you can think of. Pancakes, omelettes, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and muffins are all available! Lunch and dinner are full of options, too. From the delicious tuna salad to the spinach pie, everything is great. Plus, there’s a lot to get for dessert, including pie and ice cream!

“I think it’s very homey. It’s very cozy there,” Sam Simpson, WMHS freshman, stated. The restaurant has a 4.7 star rating on its (unofficial) Facebook page, and 4 stars on Yelp.

I definitely had a great time at Brothers, and my mom was happy too! We’d give it five stars, for sure.