So Long WHS


Hannah Dziadyk, Staff Writer

The school year of 2016 is coming to an end, and that means the time for the senior class at Wakefield Memorial High School is counting down. It is time that we acknowledge the senior class.  This year, a senior to remember is Mia Joyce. Next year Mia will be attending Saint Michael’s College. Saint Michael’s college is located in Colchester, Vermont. At the Wakefield High School Mia was a part of the girls soccer team, and also the girls basketball team. Mia’s Birthday is July 7, 1998. Mia has a sister, Morgan, and also has a dog. Her two parents are Joe and Christine Joyce. Through her 4 years at WHS, Mia has been a consistent honor student and the teachers there loved her. Mia was a leader in the school, but also on the field and on the court. She was very welcoming to me my first year at the high school, and made me feel comfortable. The four things that describe Mia the best are that she is athletic, she plays Soccer and Basketball, she is a very caring and hardworking person, and she was a very happy and playful child. Her favorite childhood memory was going to York Beach every summer with her cousins.

Mia is attending Saint Michael’s next fall and she is going to play for the girl’s soccer team. She is going to attend a 4 year college and her major is going to be Health Science. She said the reason she is majoring in Health Science is because “[She] want[s] to major in something with nursing but [she is] not sure exactly what [she] want’s] to do yet”. On her spare time she likes to hang out with her friends and family, play sports and just relax. Mia played two sports for WHS, and also played club soccer. Her favorite memories at Wakefield High school was storming the football field when the football team beat Winchester on Senior Night. Also playing in and attending playoff basketball games and she also enjoyed prom. Her inspirational quote is, “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” It relates to everyday life and it’s something that everyone should live by. She is a senior that will be missed, along with the hundreds of others in the class of 2016.