Wakefield High Senior Sara Stumpf Says Farewell

Johnathan, Staff Writer

As the school year wraps up, we will sadly be saying goodbye to the Class of 2016. This year’s seniors have now filled in their dashes, and have left their mark on WHS. One of the seniors that will be leaving this year is Sarah Stumpf. Sarah will soon be a freshman, and is excited to see what college has in store for her.

Sarah is the firstborn child of Elizabeth and Mark Stumpf. Sarah was the only child for about three years, until her younger brother Jonathan Stumpf came along. As a child, Sarah loved doing activities such as dancing, soccer, swimming, and tennis. Sarah enjoyed dance the most, and later ended up doing it in high school. Sarah attended the Walton and Galvin Middle School, before attending Wakefield High School.

Sarah’s favorite activity is dance. She loves her dog named Teddy, and her favorite music artist is Taylor Swift. Her favorite subject is English, and her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston.

After high school, Sarah will be attending Bentley in Waltham Massachusetts. She will be in the Honors Program, and is majoring in business and finance. Sarah was a part of the business club during her high school years, and has always shown an interest in the business world. “I have always been fascinated by business and finance. I find the way it works very interesting. I hope to have a job in the city someday,” says Sarah.

Two activities that Sarah Stumpf participated in during her time at WHS, was the WHS Dance team and the WHS Tennis team. Sarah played soccer her freshman year, but later decided it was not right for her. This resulted in her trying out for and making the dance team. “Trying out for dance team was one of the best decisions I made. I have made so many unforgettable memories, and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I will certainly miss seeing my dancing friends everyday, but I look forward to the future!”, says Sarah. Sarah enjoyed tennis team very much as well. Sarah was the captain and a varsity player on the WHS Girl’s Tennis Team, who are now headed to the tournament. “I have been so lucky to be a captain of this amazing team! I love them all, and know they will all be fantastic next year,” Sarah says about the tennis team. Other clubs that Sarah participated in were the Business Club, and Student Council.

“To next year’s seniors, I would recommend that you embrace and enjoy the senior year the best you can. Although you may really want to get out of school, enjoy the year the best you can, and make memories that will last you”, says Sarah. Sarah’s favorite memory during her time at WHS was her trip to Switzerland. Sarah was a part of the Swiss exchange program, and had a girl from Switzerland stay with her for three weeks. In April, Sarah went to Switzerland for two weeks,m and lived in the exchange student’s house. Once in Switzerland, they also visited Germany and France. “My favorite memory from WHS was having a Swiss exchange student and going to Switzerland. It was breathtaking, and by far one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. We visited Switzerland, France, and Germany. I also became very close with groups of people, and became very good friends with my Swiss exchange student.”

Sarah’s favorite quote is “Efforts and courage are nothing without purpose and direction,” by JFK. This is Sarah’s favorite quote because it shows how you need to have a purpose and drive if you truly want to achieve something. You have to work hard for it, and not just wait for it to happen.

Sarah is very sad to be going her separate ways with both WHS and her friends this year. But, Sarah looks forward to the future, and that everything to come! I am sad to be leaving WHS, but I look forward to opening this new chapter of my life,” Sarah claims.