The Key to the Red Sox Success


Derek Dimascio, Staff Writer

The baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, has made interesting changes over the offseason, like moving Travis Shaw to third because of the Pablo Sandoval benching, and because of this moving Hanley Ramirez to first. Another change was  picking up Toronto Blue Jays pitcher David Price. There are a lot of things to be on the lookout for this year, it is starting to look like it is working out extremely well for the Sox.

The Red Sox have a 29-17 record which is good, but nothing too special, unlike The Chicago Cubs’ 31-14. What is giving them such a great start to the season is their offensive number which are without a doubt the best in the league. First off, everyone from 1-9 in the lineup is a threat and there is no one in the lineup who can’t get a big hit especially outfielder Jackie Bradley JR. Who is on a 29 game hitting streak and a batting average of 363. Coming out with a great last season is our all star DH David Ortiz hitting at .312 and 10 home runs in only 44 games. Lastly the recently moved to first base, Hanley Ramirez, is hitting at .318. n my opinion is very surprising because of the season he had last year, and moving to a completely new position could throw him off.

The Red Sox lineup last year was also very good, but couldn’t pick up throughout a whole season. This season they don’t need to put up crazy  numbers because now they have at least over decent pitching. When thinking of their pitching staff,David Price, immediately comes to mind. Not only from being good, but also from him bouncing around the Al east from spending time in Tampa, Toronto, and Boston. Currently his has an era of 5.53 which is pretty weak, but he has shown some promise in his last couple start like having an era of 1 the other day against the royals, having 7 strikeouts already, and three double digit strikeout games. What stands out is the Red Sox new Tim Wakefield, Steven Wright with a  2.52era with the team compared to 3.47 in his career with 47 strikeouts, and getting another knuckle pitcher is very helpful because no one can pick up a knuckle pitcher during a long season. Rick Porcello who has a 3.51era, and started off the season very strong virtually allowing a run a game, but has slowed a bit in recent starts. The one dark in the season has been the struggle of former ace Clay Buchholz with a horrible era of 6.11 and was almost to a reliever. But, with his struggle we have still been able to win games with him a starter so it hasn’t been too much of a problem. Overall, the Red Sox have been looking good, and I hope they can continue and keep up what they are doing, and light off the engine of success.