Mrs. Margolis – More Than Just a Teacher

Amanda Lee and Allison Calnan

Mrs. Margolis is an English and History teacher here at Wakefield High, but she also has had quite the life beyond the school. Born in Lynn, MA but raised in Marblehead with her two older siblings, she never had the intention of becoming a teacher. It was after her first child, Carter, that she decided to switch her career from being in event marketing to getting her Master’s degree in History. She says she had this desire because “I have always liked history, and I like the idea of making a difference.” Although she made good money in event marketing, the job was very stressful. She now teaches at the high school her children will go to! She has two other children, Ethan and Aliza, and now lives in Wakefield, MA.

After attending George Washington University in Washington D.C, she earned her undergraduate degree in International Communications and minored in Radio/TV. However, when the change was made to study history, she obtained her Master’s degree from Salem State University. Besides previously being an event marketer, she was also an internet marketing manager. After some travelling her career in education took off. WMHS became her first teaching job, one she has stayed at for four years so far. She may primarily teach English classes, but her favorite subject is History, saying “I LOVE teaching History!”

While there is not one specific event that sticks out to Mrs. Margolis as her favorite moment as an instructor, everyday her love for teaching reminds her of the great decision she made when switching careers. It can be very simple things that make her happy, such as a student who finally gets a good grade, or the entire class passes in an assignment on time. One of her favorite aspects of being a teacher is the energy from her students.

Mrs. Margolis is not just a teacher though. As stated previously, she is a mother! If she was given a day off, she said the practical side of her would say “run errands and get stuff done”, but that wouldn’t be her dream. Sleeping in, taking a long walk, enjoying a nice lunch, and ending the day alongside her family would fit the bill of the “perfect day.” She is one of the few faculty members who has classes in multiple subjects, but if needed, she could easily teach another due to her fluency in French and German! Despite being an English teacher, she surprisingly does not have one favorite book. There are many that she enjoys, as most people do. Aside from reading, her hobbies include travelling, spending time with family and friends, cooking and being active.

Mrs. Margolis is overall a fascinating person, an amazing mother, and a wonderful teacher that anyone is lucky to have!