The Life of a WHS Class Officer

Are you ever interested in what it’s like to be someone that has a large impact on your grade? As you know, the class officers of the current grades put a lot of time and energy into making sure their class peers have an enjoyable high school experience. They spend many mornings and afternoons working to create fun activities for the students of WHS. Though the president is head of it all, the other positions are just as important. One such position is the vice president. The freshman class vice president is Katie Pearl. Katie helped give insight on the life of and surrounding a class officer.

Before anything else, there is the election. It’s a stressful yet exciting time for the running candidates. One step in winning is getting yourself out there. Katie talked to people individually and as a whole group to make herself known. This strategy, as well as handing out candy and making signs, was just one of the factors in her success. Hard work and effort were put into every bit of the campaign. Katie knew that all she could do was be herself and try her hardest because that would definitely help her in the long run. According to Katie, willingness and determination are two of the most important traits you need in order to win. Katie’s motivations were part of her success. “I decided to run because at the beginning of high school, I wanted to get involved in more than just school and sports. I also love leadership and being able to have a say in things so this was perfect for me!” she said.

Katie takes her job very seriously, but also doesn’t see it as a job or responsibility, but more of a privilege. One of Katie’s top priorities is to create a better high school experience for the whole freshman class. It can be difficult at times working with the other class advisers because of the many “diverse personalities”. Issues are always resolved, though, even when  thoughts clash immensely. You would also think that such a big role would have a large impact on her school year. Her and the other officers are very considerate of each other’s schedules and outside activities. “Usually we all try to work around our schedules since we have some people in the band, dance team, and other activities,” she stated, “We all have busy schedules but we also have to be committed to this as much as we do our outside school activities.”  Since the election went as planned and her year so far has gone well, running next year is definitely one of her top priorities.

Aside from school, Katie lives a very fulfilled and interesting life. She has a very busy schedule between balancing school and after school activities. Katie is a part of the high school volleyball team. One of her dreams is to one day make it to the professional leagues. Katie always finds time to catch an episode of her favorite show, One Tree Hill. Her other hobbies include hanging out with friends and listening to music. Her favorite music artists are Alessia Cara and Ed Sheeran. Reading her favorite books, the Divergent series, is another way she spends her time. Katie has lived in Wakefield all her life, along with her 17 year old brother, Bobby, and her parents. Another part of her family is her dog, Sidney.

Being a powerful member of the freshman class officers is a very flattering and exciting ordeal. Being in such a position can have a varying effect on a person’s personality or everyday behavior. In this case, that is not at all the situation. Katie is considerate of others, and the class of 2020 is lucky to have her as their class vice president.