The Wonderful Mr. Robertson

Hailey Bishop and Cailyn Davies

Mr. Robertson has been a part of the Wakefield High School community for fifteen years. He is one of the guidance counselors at the high school, and works with students with last names A through D. An exciting part of his job is that every day is a little different. Although they can vary, a typical day for him might consist of meeting with five to eight students, replying to thirty to forty emails, meeting with some teachers, answering phone calls, and attending a couple of meetings. On top of all of that, he tries to make himself seen throughout the building. As you can see, Mr. Robertson has a very busy but rewarding job. One of the highlights of his job is the connections that he is able to make with students and being able to watch them mature and grow. Mr. Robertson’s advice for students regarding high school and life is that “it is important to work hard, and it’s important to treat other people the way you want to be treated.” Being a guidance counselor is an exciting and fulfilling job.

Mr. Robertson enjoys his job as a guidance counselor. However, he has had other occupations. Mr. Robertson majored in accounting and worked as an accountant in Boston. After two years, he decided that he was not happy with it. His uncle was a guidance counselor, and steered him towards the profession. He got his Master’s Degree at Salem State to pursue his new passion. Aside from his uncle, he had some other great role models that inspired him to be where he is today. These include his parents, Mr. Beebe, and public servants such as Dr. Martin Luther King. These people have had a great influence on him, and they led him to becoming a guidance counselor. Regarding his work, Mr. Robertson said, “Being a guidance counselor is really a privilege and a great job, and working in education is something that I hope all students consider, giving back in some way.” If he were not a guidance counselor, Mr. Robertson would still want to be a counselor of some kind, whether for children or adults. He would also consider being an event planner. Nonetheless, Mr. Robertson is happy with his current job, and students and staff members can agree that he made a good choice.

In addition to helping out at our school, Mr. Robertson has many hobbies. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling to new and exciting places. He has taken trips to Switzerland, Paris/Madrid, and Italy. He spoke about his experience, saying, “I went to Switzerland in 2006 as part of the Basel-Wakefield High School Exchange Program. I chaperoned the trip with my wife, WHS teacher Mrs. Bardet. We took approximately 15 students. We went to school in Basel, traveled the towns of Bern and Lucerne, and explored the beautiful city of Basel. The Basel Zoo was a highlight. We ate a lot of great food, including fondu, and many great cheese dishes.” Travelling is not Mr. Robertson’s only hobby. He also likes to read nonfiction and play tennis. In fact, he has played tennis since high school, and his tennis team won multiple conference championships. Even outside of work, Mr. Robertson keeps busy, and has many fun hobbies.

Mr. Robertson is a great guidance counselor and a great person. He is always willing to help students with whatever they might need. Mr. Robertson devotes time and energy to supporting students and making connections with them. So, if Mr. Robertson is your guidance counselor, do not hesitate to talk to him. If he is not your guidance counselor, he is very friendly and will be happy to say hi anyway. Mr. Robertson is an all-around nice person who puts passion into everything he does, whether helping students manage their education or participating in hobbies outside of his work. Without a doubt, Wakefield Memorial High School is lucky to have him as a staff member.